July 6th, 2013 at 7:02 pm
Posted By: gardenguru
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The space for my garden was filled with very hardy thistle.  In order to kill the plants and seeds I tried solarization. 

After rototilling the spot it was covered with organic matter and watered to a depth of twelve inches.

Last it was covered with heavy black plastic from late fall to late spring.

  Solarization with posts

Corner post were added to get ready for deer fencing.

Deer fencing

 The fencing is six feet high.  Deer can easily jump over it, but hopefully they won’t.

Now it has plots that are planted, supports for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and squash.  I made the paths pebbles this time hoping those will last longer than mulch.

toward house from new patch

And now there is an extension being solarized.  So far no deer have jumped the fence.

From  South

After a few weeks peppers and squash ready to pick.