October 6th, 2007 at 4:35 pm
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the last fennel in this year’s garden (Florence Fennel Zeta Fino)

French tarragon

Fennel decorates my garden. It’s frilly fronds edge at least one of the squares. I plant more each year, not only because of it’s beauty. There is a wealth of delicious recipes using fennel, especially good with chicken. My very favorite is Creamy Fennel and Potato Soup.

soup recipe

You don’t have to put in the cream with the fennel seeds and tarragon, but it’s a lovely addition. I use fresh tarragon, and add it as a garnish with the fennel fronds. This perennial herb has been coming back for years. The amount of potatoes called for in the recipe can be increased without losing the fennel flavor.


Leftovers just get better and better.

Fennel can be frozen by simmering with the onions for 15 minutes in chicken broth. Then cool and pack in containers. Thaw and add with potatoes to enjoy the soup any season.

Potatoes are easy to grow, but my space limits growing them. They even come up from the peels I put in the compost, but never amount to much. Deciding what to plant is always a difficult choice.