August 4th, 2014 at 8:01 am
Posted By: gardenguru
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So far the garden is mostly a success.   Out of twenty-five purple asparagus roots planted only twelve came up, and one died. That left enough room to plant forty leeks down the center which all lived and are looking delicious.   Due to my carelessness the three abundant squash plants have been “thinned” to one.

leeks and asparagus  basil, squash, peppers tomatoes, butternut

Poblano, Mexicali, Serrano, Thai and Fish peppers are all producing.  The kale from last year kept producing while some went to seed for next year’s crop.  leeks to butternut

Green tomatoes hang everywhere on the variety of tomato plants.  Last year’s fennel was the best I ever grew.  This  year’s is not developing the thick bulbs, still tasty but not as pretty.

Beets, fennel

Last year the beets were few and far between.  The ones above are overcrowding each other with lovely tops, my favorite greens.  This year the squirrels have not dug the onions.  Maybe last year eating so many of my onions and shallots made them sick.

cukes, peppers, tomatoes

Cucumbers are happy growing up their teepee.  Most prolific of all are the butternut squash.  They like growing on the trellis, although it’s a battle to get them to stay and not go in every direction. One did claim part of a tomato cage.