May 7th, 2014 at 10:15 am
Posted By: gardenguru
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When I saw a bouquet of Pussy Willows in a store I thought they would be a different centerpiece.  After reading they could be rooted in water I added some to the vase.  So many rooted I had to divided them into two vases and a jar.


After sharing some with a neighbor I planted three in a pot and put it outside under the eaves just in case it happens to frost.

Pussy Willows 4-15-13

Later, when it seemed frost danger was passed, I planted three in the ground where they had to be protected in case the deer wanted to nibble on them.


From those three only one made it through this brutal past winter.  Since it survived I think it will be around for many years.  The deer did eat the leaves that stuck out of the netting so now the pussy willow is caged in.

pussy willow 4-26-14