August 8th, 2009 at 12:44 pm
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A friend gave me a juicer.  At first I overdid carrot juice because it was so delicious.  After juicing other fruits and vegetables, I discovered my favorite is pineapple juice.  It makes the best pina colada  ever! 


Another friend gave me some early apples. 


After washing them I cut them into fourths, eliminating the questionable parts.  The rest, seeds, stems, peels and all went into the juicer.

juice-pouring-out  waste-bin

The juice poured out the spout, and the rest went into the waste bin.  However, some did accumulate inside the removable parts of the juicer. 

I ended up with about a gallon of pulpy apple juice.  It was all great fun until clean-up time.

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