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One time I went to an event that had tables decorated with calla lilies.  I knew the lady who did the arrangements.  She told me that she grew them, and how easy they were to grow.  Since they were so beautiful I tried just a few bulbs.  Now I know how easy it is.  In some areas the bulbs have to be dug each fall.  Here I cover them with a thick layer of mulched leaves provided by friends up the hill.  So they have never been dug except to divide them.  This summer I kept three or four bouquets in my house, and provided a few friends with others.  Another positive reason to grow them is that the flowers last a long time after being picked.

This is the foliage before any flowers came up.  It’s attractive all during the season.  You can see that there will be many to divide this fall.

This is the most common color in my patch.  Even though I planted a variety, many turned out to be this reddish purple.

As you can see, that is also the first color to appear.

This is my favorite shade.  I love the lavender rims around the white.

Occasionally there will be a blossom in a  blossom like this one.

These were my first two bouquets.  The flame color is especially pretty.  Most of the ones I picked out to plant were supposed to be that color.  Instead many came up  purple.

The same colors can have different types of leaves.  The speckled ones on the right can be a decorative addition to an arrangement.

If you like fresh flowers from July to September these are an excellent choice for growing.


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