August 7th, 2008 at 12:38 pm
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My large area of day lilies were not as beautiful as they have been in years past. For one thing, it has been so dry. They can stand a drought, but then won’t bloom as much. Another reason is the need to divide each clump and replant. Many bags of day lilies were dug and given away, and that helped. Now there is a good pathway through the area. This fall would be a good time to divide the rest.

This red hybrid produced the most blossoms. It put on a bright show day

after day. Florence shared these with me.

There are more of these bright yellow and orange flowers than any other. Dr. Turnipseed, now gone, gave me many plants to start my day lily area.

This pale yellow one is the least in number, but increasing.

This is the same one. It’s difficult to show the true, delicate color.

This peachy variety is also a show off. It had many blossom, maybe because it had been more recently divided. This one was also from Florence’s lovely gardens.

The only day lily I ever bought is this lavender flower. It was sold off the back of a truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It looked like the people needed the money, and I loved the color.

My neighbor, Pennie, gave me the two-color flower above. There are also many of these plants because of her generosity, and they were divided regularly.

As they grow over the years, the day lilies cross-pollinate. Here is a beautiful example of one that must have come up from seed. Hopefully there will be more varieties produced this way in years to come.


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