March 7th, 2009 at 10:53 pm
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March  started  off  with  a  snowstorm .  .  .pan1

but in a few days the snow was melted and the temperatures were in the seventies.  That means I have only  two more weeks to finish my winter projects.  One was completed today.  There are now two more Exbury azaleas transplanted above my driveway.

planting-process-for-exbury planted-exbury

The Exbury awaits transplanting while the hole is dug.  The soil in the bottom of the spot is mixed with fertilizer before the azalea is planted.  I put the rocks that were in the hole around the top to hold the mulch in place, and mark the spot.


The bare plants are hard to see now, but hopefully will at least have leaves this year to help them stand out.  Then the next year maybe there will be blossoms.

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