August 16th, 2008 at 9:18 pm
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My neighbor calls August the “tired month.” But the garden is going strong, producing lots of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

I’ve never grown a pepper even close to the size of this one. There are many other peppers on the plant, and it wasn’t treated in any special way. It was labeled a yellow pepper, but turned partly red before I picked it. The ruler is a little hard to read. It’s almost 9 inches long.

My friend Cecil gave me some seeds of climbing okra. He said the pods would be tender when they are over a foot long. They have beautiful flowers, and the little okras look very interesting.

I tried to wind the vine around the tepee. In the picture on the left it made it to the top. A week later it was reaching for the sky.

On the other side of the tepee are two burpless plants that are still producing many cucumbers.

Cornell’s Bush Delicata______________________________Butternut

Both these winter squash vines are beginning to die down while they produce more fruits. The fennel, thyme and yellow peppers in the same square are thriving.

The Magda and yellow crookneck had the leaves covered with moldy looking blight. They turned brown, then more, healthy green ones grew again. The squash never stopped producing, although very slowly.

The three different beets still have roots to pull. The Swiss Chard and rhubarb continue to be harvested.

Brandy Boys are fewer in number but have the best taste. The Health Kick tomatoes are abundant. The Tangerines are a delicious yellow tomato.

And the Fourth of July seems to be racing the Juliet to the top of each stake, and higher. Both have many little tomatoes along the way.

The Black-eyed Susan spread among the day lilies. They love to take over, which suits this Blue Swallowtail just fine.

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  1. Lord, I adore peppers and that one can feed a family of six for a year..what a beauty! What are you feeding your crops? Also love the information on the Calla lilies which I will start next year. Truly enjoy your site..

    Comment by wannabegardner — September 13, 2008 @ 8:29 pm

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