January 10th, 2009 at 11:50 am
Posted By: gardenguru
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This year I tried bringing some of the plants from the deck inside to see how they would fare.


The jalapeno pepper is still growing new peppers, although more slowly.  There were some new blossoms, but those have all faded for the moment.  This one surprised me by turning partly orange.  Now I don’t want to pick it until I see if it turns completely orange or red.


This parsley was with cilantro and basil.  Unfortunately they didn’t make it inside. The parsley is easy to put back outside for more sun when it is warm enough, and I get a little fresh herb to use in cooking or for garnish now and then.

It would be handy to bring lots of garden plants inside, but there’s not enough room.  Today I did plant some purple basil to see if it will grow inside enough to use.  It would have been better to do this earlier.

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