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If you search for butternut squash soup recipes you would find an endless supply.  I’ve picked a few to try since I have so many butternuts.  For this one I used only one big Waltham.

 Crockpot Butternut Squash Soup

cut butternut

I had no trouble cutting the butternut lengthwise.  Maybe my knife was better, or the squash was not as tough as the one she used. 

sauteed apples, onions and garlic  spices added to skillet

I also sauteed the onions, added one clove of garlic, the apples, and then the spices.  This brings out more flavor. 

in the crockpot

Since I wasn’t leaving it for the day, I kept the crockpot on high.  It took about four hours for the butternut to be tender enough.  After cooling slightly, I used the immersion blender.


After topping with chives  and tasting, I did add come cream.  I had planned to garnish with nutmeg, but it was already spicy enough.  The spices made it taste more like pumpkin soup than other butternut squash soups I have tasted.

Sometimes, crockpot cooking is a great way to go, but I didn’t think it was worth it for this recipe.  Cooking the squash really made the task of peeling much easier.  I will probably use that anytime I need to peel it.  Once in the oven, it’s  even easier to cook it until it’s done.  Doubt I’ll ever make this recipe again.

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