June 21st, 2008 at 3:37 pm
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This year my deck is scattered with plants that normally would be in my garden. I’ve had the Topsy Turveys for several years now, this year with a Health Kick tomato and Pearl cucumber. The Health Kick is a tomato that doesn’t get very tall, so maybe it can stay on the front deck where it is easier to water. The cucumber will be trellised by the corner of the gazebo. It is already twining around the shelf.

The first Pearl cuke is very green. I’m eager to see when it turns white. To insure that I do see what they look like, I planted two more in the pot below. A friend is also growing one for even more security.

The Cucino cucumbers are very healthy, weaving their way around the deck. There are many little ones on the vine.

You can almost watch this Balmoral grow. Park Seed Co. said this could be container grown, so I’ll see where it does better since there is also one in the garden that already has a little patty pan.

These herbs are the same as the ones in the garden, just handier. The parsley has been used several times to add healthy flavor to dishes, as well as for decoration. Check out Meanderfly for the health benefits of parsley , and other interesting garden articles.

Aloe is grown for it’s medicinal attributes, but is an interesting plant. Beside it is a little jade started from the one my grandmother gave me over thirty years ago.

It once had one bloom. It has been shared with many people all over the country. All you have to do is ask. (The little one beside it is backup.)

Another shared plant that is in many place across the country is this purple shamrock. It will also live in the ground over winter here. Corms from this plant were even taken to Lebanon.

One last plant from the deck greets anyone climbing the steps. The color of this petunia captivated me.


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