June 30th, 2008 at 8:31 pm
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Now is the time when my garden starts rewarding me for all the hard work. Every meal now has something from the garden to make it tasty as well as healthy.

These banana peppers are earlier than the green ones. Actually, Wal-Mart had this labeled as a green pepper. I am enjoying them in salads. One Cucino has been shared, and many more are growing on the deck.

Mia is guarding the first Burpless Cucumber, but there are more on the way.

Don’t think the Fourth of July tomatoes are going to be ripe in five days. The Health Kicks are looking good, despite some blight.

The lemon grass was so thin for so long I never thought it would fill out and grow to become usable. Now I have to learn how to put it in recipes. The purple basil beside it came up from seed with two others. Many herbs have been included in recipes like the dill, tarragon and parsley pictured.

Rosemary and lavender are both making a comeback from last year. Really want to try lavender in some new recipes this year. If they’re good I’ll share them with you.

Today was the third time I pulled beets. The smaller are Chioggia and the other two are Touchstone Gold. Not only are the beets delicious, but also the greens.

The yellow crookneck and Madga squash have been shared, and provided several meals.

Maybe it’s time to pick this Balmoral patty pan. It’s the first time I’ve grown a patty pan so I’m not sure. In Park’s picture it was white. Is it ready when it turns white?

Not only are the Bush Delicatas big, but they are also prolific. Since they are a winter squash it will be sometime before they are ready.

The thinnings from the fennel can be used. This year I’m going to try a vegetarian version of fennel potato soup.

Just when I decide roses are too much trouble, they bloom and charm me into caring for them.

Seems this could go on and on with so much happening. This is a wonderful time of year for a gardener, but next month will bring ripened tomatoes. So much to look forward to in July!

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