February 7th, 2009 at 10:55 am
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The jalapeno turned all red.  It seemed to have a milder taste.  I didn’t realize they would do this.

orange-green-jalapeno1 jalapeno-red

This garden volunteer turned out to look like an acorn squash inside, but was tasteless.  Most of my volunteers turn out to be good, but this was an exception.


The basil is up in great numbers!  I’ve already thinned many in the pile at the bottom of the container.  There’s more lime than purple basil, and the purple are harder to see.  There’s about five purple basil coming up.  That will be enough to also transplant some in the garden late in spring.


These four artichoke seeds sprouted so far from the six I planted.  I only thought there were three until I took the pictures and noticed one starting that’s not up yet.


It’s snowy outside, the temperature was down to zero twice this week, but my mind is on spring.

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