August 3rd, 2011 at 3:57 pm
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For some reason when planting fennel the seedlings crowd each other out.  So there’s often many to thin.  Here is one way I use the extras.

Mushrooms and Fennel

After cleaning the fennel I use only the base of the leaves.  The tops can be saved as garnish for salads.

After sauteing the mushrooms in a mixture of olive oil and butter add the chopped fennel.  Next add enough white wine or chicken stock to slightly cover the mixture.  Simmer until liquid is almost gone.

The optional step is adding cream and simmering until it has thickened.

Sometimes I use it as a  side dish.  This time I topped spaghetti with the mixtures and added Parmesan cheese.

When planting the Burpee Orion Hybrid below I was very careful to space them so they wouldn’t crowd.

And another gorgeous view, one of the last this year that will set in my mountain view.


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