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The lady who cuts my hair always saves her leftover pumpkins from Halloween for me to put in my compost.  One turned out to be perfectly fresh after cutting into it.  No rotten places!  So I had another chance to try the pumpkin tureen recipe.

The Pumpkin Tureen

Since it called for horseradish, I decided to finally dig some from my patch.  After grating it, my sinuses were cleared out.  It did impart some strong flavor to this soup.

fresh horseradish sauteed vegies

This time I sauteed the onions and horseradish.  I also added about a tablespoon of fresh thyme and three garlic cloves, and lots more bread.

mixed dry ingredients mixed in wet ingredients

After mixing the dry ingredients, I added chicken stock and milk.  The pumpkin was so large that I cut off some of the top and cubed it.  That’s what’s floating in the milk and stock.

Mia and pumpkin

I had to cut off even more to get it to fit into my convection oven.  With the help of the foil, the top did go back on.  Mia wonders what this strange object is that smells like milk.

rustic soup

After three hours of baking, the pumpkin was very tender, but the inside soup was barely warm.  I ended up taking it out and cooking it separately.  I added more thyme and lots of curry powder.  After blending, and reducing the liquid, it was a decent soup.  This is the last time I will try the pumpkin tureen!

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