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The horseradish planted in an old burn site has flourished.  Now it has died down and is ready to dig, peel, grate and use.

horseradish-11-7 _________Spring horseradish                                                 Fall horseradish


After peeling it can be grated or put in a blender.  This site gives all the details.  Horseradish

I prefer to hand grate mine and add the vinegar after three minutes to maximize the heat.  Then it can be refrigerated and used to enhance the flavor of beef,  pork or anything else you’d like to try.  One of my favorite recipes using fresh or bottled horseradish is this sauce.  I’ve used it on pasta and over squash.  I start with at least a quart of tomato juice and cook it down till it’s thick.  And I use more horseradish because I like it hot.

Roasted Red Pepper Bloody Mary Sauce

part-ingredients1 vodka1 ____Horseradish and these few ingredients make a delicious sauce.

red-peppers-roasting roast-pepper-and-zest ____________I broil the sliced, seeded peppers in my toaster oven until parts turn black.  The blackened skin is the only part I remove.  Then I do follow the rest of the recipe.  Sometimes I add less vodka because it can be very strong.


Another recipe using horseradish is this one from a previous post.  Cucumber Spread

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