April 11th, 2008 at 7:20 pm
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The apple trees have buds coming out and there’s snow forecast for next week.  Everyone here is worried about damage again this year.

After no blueberries last year, I’m especially concerned about these blossoms that are already opened.  This year maybe covering them with sheets will help.

The candytuft is full of blooms and has spread to new areas.  It even jumped across the driveway.

This clematis was hit last year, but still bloomed later. 

My Bradford Pear has a redbud blooming in front, and a dogwood getting ready to bloom close in about a week. 


Maple trees add red color to the view both spring and fall. 

The squash was getting so big, and I had extra so I decided to plant three, as well as a basil and parsely.  The pots there are ready to protect them if a frost or freeze comes.

One artichoke made it through the winter, but then it promptly wilted. 

Mia is a constant companion in the garden.  She mainly supervises. 

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