March 20th, 2010 at 3:57 pm
Posted By: gardenguru
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For years I have wanted a garden window in my kitchen.  Now, it has been installed.

kitchen window with shelf

It had to be painted with two prime coats, and two coats of high gloss so it could be easily washed.

Now I’ve started filling it with pots of seeds, and last year’s parsley.  There’s parsley in the garden now, so those can be added in the spring.  The other plants coming up on the top shelf are leeks.  Last year I planted them right in the garden, but these should get a head start and grow bigger.

The bottom shelf has parsley, purple basil, coriander, Serrano peppers, Brandy Boy, Fourth of July, and Juliet tomatoes.  This new sunny window should be a great place for seedlings.  The dining room table is no longer covered with pots of dirt!


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