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The lemon grass I planted indoors last year was so tiny I never thought it would grow at all, let alone become such huge, bushy plants.

The leaves have a lemony scent, but the roots are the parts used in recipes.

You can dig quite a few and still leave lots to use later, and hopefully grow next year.

Lemon Grass Marinade

Some of these roots were used in the recipe above.  I tried to save the others, but they turned very brown before I could use them.  Next time I’ll try freezing some.

Above, they were cut from the plant with a shovel, then washed and the tops cut off.  Below, they are washed and trimmed, ready for use.

After marinating the chicken overnight I roasted it, and put it in a salad.  I was surprised by a gingery taste  from the lemongrass.  This was one of the few recipes that didn’t call for ginger, so I’m glad I tried it.  It was delicious, and there was leftover chicken to try another way.

There were  some Health Kick tomatoes, parsley, and green peppers saved before the frost.  They added color and a variety of flavors to this soup that used mustard and turnip greens.

The site below gives lots of information about cooking with lemon grass.

All about lemongrass

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