July 8th, 2012 at 11:36 am
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For some wonderful and mysterious reason the deer have not eaten my little strip of garden close to the back door of the house.


It includes two yellow squash plants, two Armenian cukes, one burpless, one Diva cuke, a Pink Brandywine, a Cherokee Purple, a Mr. Stripey, and a German Johnson tomato.  Mixed in are four volunteers that look like one Juliet and three Romas.  There are two green pepper plants, one a Rainbow.  One eggplant ends the line of vegetables.  Scattered here and there are many herbs.  Beyond the eggplant and a couple of shrubs are four blueberry plants.   They haven’t been covered yet, and have produced several handfuls with only a peck or two taken. 


The above pictures are four weeks after the first two.  I put in a trellis for the two Armenians that were planted from seeds later than the others. Two tomato plants are up to the roof.  One problem is my German Johnson.  It is the tallest and healthiest looking plant, grown to the top of the stake without a blossom on it.  Any one have an idea how to convince it to start blooming?


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