May 23rd, 2009 at 8:04 pm
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After having the deck floor replaced last fall, I thought it was time to pressure wash and put wood preservative on the railing.  While pressure washing I suddenly realized the balcony needed the same treatment, including the floor.  Thankfully, we’ve had so much rain that we are not longer in drought conditions.  However, the rain was not conducive to my task.  It took days to pressure wash, then many more days to dry.  Putting on the preservative took four more days between showers.  At least it always had the suggested 24 hours to dry.


There are 116 of those slats, so I’m thrilled to be finished.  The floor will have to cure before it’s done this fall.

jalapeno-5-23 old-parsley-5-23

Both the plants above were inside during the winter.  I didn’t think the jalapeno was worth saving until I put it outside.  It soon had an abundance of blossoms with little peppers already starting.  The parsley was useful all winter, and will be until it goes to seed.  Maybe being inside will fool it into thinking it is still in it’s first year of production.

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