May 30th, 2009 at 8:41 pm
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There are three Topsy Turvies on my deck this year.  Two will soon be moved to the back because they need to be higher.  I had planted a Health Kick, Brandy Boy and Tangerine in them originally.  Even though I thought I moved them out of the way, two were zapped with the pressure washer.  The Health Kick survived, barely.


The Tangerine didn’t make it.  I had grown that one from seed, so replaced it with a Pink German.


Mary Alice gave me these two flat leaf parsley plants.  I planted another pot with the curly leaf.  So far there are a few small plants appearing.  Lots of little  purple basil sprouts have appeared, so many that I transplanted some to the garden.  Two nasturtiums came up that I hope will make a pretty hanging basket.

cucinoes-5-231 tabasco-and-serrano1

The last two plants, for now, are the Cucino cucumbers that will climb the corner of the gazebo, and hot peppers.  The larger one, a Tabasco, was purchased as a plant.  The smaller one is a Serrano I grew from seed.  I’m going to hand pollinate them so  they won’t cross-pollinate.  I’d like to see and taste the difference.

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