July 17th, 2008 at 12:36 pm
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Wile walking through Wal-Mart I always find myself drawn to the garden section, even if I really don’t need anything there. This time I noticed all the vegetable plants in little pots that never were sold. It seemed sad to me that they might never find there way into a garden or bigger pot to fulfill their destinies. I knew I had one more big pot at home, and wanted to try Jalapeño peppers. So now the deck has a new plant, and at least one more plant will do it’s intended job.

Since it’s on the deck it won’t cross-pollinate with the yellow and green bell peppers. I’ve read that that could make the bell peppers hot, or the hot peppers not.

The Cucinos are very productive. I’ve already picked several. The vines look sad, but the cucumbers keep growing, with new ones starting everyday.

Both the Pearl cucumber and the Balmoral pattypan were picked the same day from the deck garden.

It seems like you can watch the Pearl cucumber vines grow. Everyday I have to coax them to twine around the gazebo supports, and not wander off to the deck railing or the pine tree.

In the other Topsy Turvy the Health Kick tomato had some problems with aphids in mass. When I used some organic insecticidal soap the plant looked like it was going to die. It recovered and now has green tomatoes and more blossoms that have to be hand pollinated.

This Impatient isn’t new, but it took a long time getting enough blossoms to be photographed. It was a gift from the lady who cuts my hair.

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