September 18th, 2008 at 7:47 pm
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I’m always amazed when people tell me they are bored.  If you’re a gardener there is never a time with nothing to do.  So projects abound.

The asparagus planted by birds is doing well.  The birds weren’t worried about the depth when they planted it there.  In order for it to continue many years, it needs to have a deeper root system.  If I just added soil it would soon be washed down the slope.

So I decided to build timbers around the area.  First, I thought it was time to buy a circular saw.  After researching circular saws on the internet, I purchased one at Lowe’s.  It was cordless and seemed perfect until I got it home and noticed it had to have a battery and charger, sold separately.  A few days later I went to another Lowe’s, actually had someone ask if they could help me, and told him about buying the saw without the battery.  So he showed me a battery, that I thought would include the charger.  It didn’t.  My third trip involved three grown men spending at least twenty minutes trying to find a charger.  At last they found a box with set that contained one.  Then while waiting I saw I had paid $10 more for the battery than the price on the ones there.  My fourth trip to Lowe’s was to return the battery so I could buy the cheaper one.

Finally I had everything I needed, charged the battery and carefully sawed my first timber.  Wow, why did I ever fool with the hand saw?  Now the frame is ready to be filled with compost and Black Kow.  That means another trip to Lowe’s.

On the last battery trip I also bought some waterproof sealer for my deck.  After pressure washing the steps first, then sealing, they look much better now.  Hopefully they will also last longer.  Now there’s the rest of the deck and railings, and the back deck that need the same.  No time to be bored!

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