January 6th, 2008 at 1:18 pm
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This is the Bio Dome that I just ordered to contain my seeds planted indoors. It seems to have everything I need except the seeds. My Park Seed order is complete, and I’m looking forward to its arrival.

My order includes:

juliet.jpgJuliet Hybrid tomato__parks-cuke.jpgCucino cucumbers

lettuce-summer-glory-blend.jpgSummer Glory Blend__ diable-hybrid.jpgDiablo hybrid

touchstone-gold-hybrid.jpgTouchstone Gold__ red-baron-scallion.jpgRedbaron Hybrid

sugar-sprint.jpgSugar Sprint __balmoral-hybrid.jpgBalmoral pattypan

magda-hybrid.jpgMagda Hybrid__ cornells-bush-delicata.jpgCronell’s Bush Delicata

one-ball-hybrid.jpgOne Ball Hybrid__ lemon-grass.jpgLemon Grass

basil-minimum.jpgBasil Minimum__ cilantro-delfino.jpgCilantro Delfino

This comes free with an order:

cucumber-pearl.jpg Cucumber Pearl

If you put the code V1A800 Park Seed Company will take 10% off your first order.

  1. Those are some crazy looking cucumbers, make sure to post some photos when you have grown some of your own. Good luck with your seeds.

    Comment by KennyC — January 16, 2008 @ 12:23 am

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