June 3rd, 2016 at 1:31 pm
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My asparagus is abundant this year.


The first year I bought twenty-five roots from Hirts. Twelve came up, but only ten came back the next year. By that time I had ordered twenty-five roots from Burpee.  They sent twenty-seven.  Twenty-six of those came up, and all came back this year again.  Burpee is not paying me to write this.  No doubt  I recommend Burpee.  Burpee gave me free shipping, and Hirt’s charged so that both orders cost the same.

To make sure and develop a good root system, I made sure at least one spear was left for each plant.  Also, that means there will be new spears in July.

The size of the spears amazed me!

one growing  big asparagus

At least I’ve never grown them that big.  And they are as tender as the small ones.  There are endless delicious recipes for asparagus.  My favorite way is to pick and eat it raw in the garden.


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