September 28th, 2008 at 5:30 pm
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When I did the previous post on ramps (Ramps, Prized Onion of the Mountains) the links I found surprised me.  I had never seen the seed heads.  It must have been all the invading hostas that hid the ramp flowers and seed heads. I cleared out some hostas and finally saw them for myself. All these years I didn’t even know they were there!

This one came up in the cleared area.  I was thrilled to finally see it.

Then I noticed these among the hosta leaves.  No wonder I found ramps growing much further down the slope.

The green seeds are just beginning to form.  The numerous seeds should produce a productive patch.

It’s exciting for me to finally see these shiny, blue-black seeds.  This seed head will be harvested and sent to Missouri where my son and his wife want to try to grow them.  Now I know for a fact that there are many others that will keep multiplying in my patch.


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