May 17th, 2008 at 7:48 am
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Ramps are a prized onion in this area. A friend gave me some, and I planted the small ones. Last year I found a new patch that appeared on its own. They have a very strong taste, but are delicious in meatloaf after they’ve been sauted, as well as in many other recipes. I had never heard of them until I moved here. These pungent plants are even honored with a Ramp Festival in this town.

We are not the only mountain town to have a Ramp Festival, as is evident in this web site:

My ramps are now inundated with hostas. Every year I dig out some, but numerous ramps appear first. I also pull English Ivy away from them. I also try to transplant some to new places each year. Some are even traveling to Missouri this year.

I’ll watch very closely this year to see if I can see my ramps send up seeds. They certainly multiply and spread, but I’ve never seen what this site shows.

You can see that each ramp also multiplies from the bulb.

Want to cook with ramps?

This site offers some recipes using ramps:

Even my favorite recipe site, Epicurious, has ramp recipes.


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