August 20th, 2008 at 4:09 pm
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I picked so many cucumber that they were overcrowding my refrigerator. My friends and neighbors had their fill. I had to find another way to use lots of cukes. These pickles still take up space, but not as much. They will also be shared.

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

After looking at the comments to the right of the recipe I added mustard seed, more garlic, green and banana peppers, and onions. Another recipe had hot peppers, but my JalapeƱo pepper wasn’t ready yet. So I added hot pepper flakes from yet another recipe. Then I used one quart of water and one cup vinegar.

Since I halved the recipe, I used a half-gallon jar. After packing it with as much as I could, I poured in the brine. The cucumbers and other vegetables didn’t budge.

It’s ready for the refrigerator, but I really should have cut off the streaks on that slice.

There was enough brine left over to fill another quart jar. Both jars had a mix of pickles, but this one had more Pearls that I discovered after preparing the big jar. They were so good that I’ve pickled another half gallon.

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