March 17th, 2008 at 1:34 pm
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Some garden jobs I really hate. And this is one of them. I think things should last forever, but of course they don’t. So replacing my landscape timbers in my garden is a necessary chore.

First the rotted timbers have to be removed. The most difficult task is getting the old nails out. The long timber nails seem to hold onto the wood with all their might. Then a space has to be cleared for the new timbers.


Once the six new timbers are in place, two of them have to be sawed off so the others can overlap.

one-timber-down.JPG sawing.JPG

Next the holes for the nails are drilled, one at each end of the top three timbers.

corner.JPG drilled-hole.JPG

The last step is nailing the timbers together. Now the space is ready to be rototilled.


Only three more spaces to do this year.

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