September 22nd, 2008 at 8:58 pm
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Where did the summer go?  It’s now fall and the garden is wearing out.  Some things will not give up.  One is the Fourth of July tomato plant that keeps reaching for the sky since it’s run out of stake.

The Brandy Boy is still trying to grow and produce what, I think, are the most delicious tomatoes of all.  This one is much smoother than the others.

Earlier I had cut this big okra to cook.  The man who gave it to me said it should be 16 inches long for the best flavor.  The taste was disappointing so I just let it get even bigger.

The pods are now huge, the largest 24 inches, and will be left for seeds.  Maybe someone else would like to grow them.   They do have pretty yellow flowers with vines that twined around the tepee beautifully.

The Rainbow Swiss Chard is still growing big, colorful leaves.  I hope to use them in a recipe soon.  Peppers, big and small, are on all the six plants.

While in a hardware store with my son I saw some Savoy cabbage plants.  They only came in nine-packs, so now I have nine planted in my garden.  The man at the store told me they would form a head this fall.  They have a long way to go.

I also planted mustard and turnip greens.  Then I had to place sticks across them because Mia loved to roll in the fresh dirt.  Beside them are some beets that were in a salad mix.  They are still too small to cook.

The Brussel sprouts are full of holes, and the little sprout forming look like they need some kind of attention.

All the herbs are still adding to the variety of the garden.  Dill keeps sprouting, the thyme is full, and the oregano had blossoms that have even attracted a honey bee.  Those are too infrequent visitors lately.

The birds finished the last of the blueberries earlier this month.  They had very little taste at that point.  Now there are many apples on the Stamen and Red Delicious trees.


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