June 7th, 2009 at 8:40 am
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I’ll always plant some of the same things in the garden every year.   I’ll also always plant at least one new variety or vegetable.

lettuce-5-23_____ leeks-5-23

The Summer Glory is my favorite lettuce mix, and the leeks are new to  my garden this year.  They should have been started indoors in February so they would be bigger.  Next year I will try that.  I put them in a ditch so they can be filled in as they grow.  This will make more white parts for cooking.


The Sugar Sprints were new last year, but I’ve planted them again because they did so well.  As they grow, they can be covered with more soil to keep the weeds down, so I put a mound between them and the leeks for that purpose.


Above are the new Smeraldo Italian flat beans that I decided to try after tasting the delicious batch Mary Alice shared with me.


The last new thing wasn’t in my plans, and I hope it never happens again.  We have wild turkeys in the area, and one decided to take a dirt bath where I had planted Swiss chard.  This one scattered dirt everywhere.  You can see how dusty the kale is.  I had a watering can to sprinkle the soil.  Then I added some sticks after replanting.

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