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This is the second recipe I tried with my butternut squashes.  It was a bumper crop!  And the leeks are beginning to be big enough to use.

leeks 9-3

Another recipe called for leeks, so I replaced the onion in the soup part of the recipe below with leeks.

Spicy Butternut Soup

Spicy Soup ingred

These are the ingredients, except for the milk, cream and sugar. 

It didn’t seem necessary to grate the apples since the soup was blended.  And the ginger just stuck to the bottom of the pan when it was put in with the onions and garlic.  Next time I won’t add it until the onions are done.  When it was time to put in the milk, the soup was thin enough so I only added a cup. 

The recipe was confusing in two places.  I wasn’t sure what a middle-sized butternut was, so I weighed the squashes I used, and they totaled seven pounds.  And it made a difference which part of the ginger I used for the 2 cm.  One end was almost twice as  thick as the other.  Since I like ginger I used the larger part. 

The addition of orange and orange zest really made this soup taste delicious.  If I had another orange I would have added it.  Next time I’ll have two.  Instead of cream cheese I added sour cream.  Vidalia onions without the sugar might be better, but the red onions enhanced the flavor of the soup.  I added just a pinch of sugar and a teaspoon of vinegar.   Next time I wouldn’t add sugar at all. 

Spicy bn soup w carmelized

I will definitely make this soup again!

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