April 27th, 2012 at 10:48 am
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My house in North Carolina sold so now I’m further north, but still in the same range of mountains.  Now gardening takes on a whole new challenge–deer.

These shallots and garlic are not to their taste, so there are no worries here.   The rhubarb in the background is covered with a crate and anchored to the ground so the deer won’t eat it as they have the past two years. 

Last winter the deer stripped the leaves from three rhododendrons I had planted the previous spring.  They totally ate five others that were small.

After moving day lilies here and enjoying them sprout, the deer grazed them down.  If this kept up I  would never see them bloom.  Lots of people had suggestions.  First I’m trying this one.

The stumps provide perfect holders for the Irish Spring which I’m told will deter the deer. 

For now the rhodos are getting new growth and the day lilies are getting new, uneaten leaves.  The rhubarb is about to outgrow the  crate.  Hope this works!





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