January 24th, 2009 at 3:37 pm
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The first things to be planted this year are lemon grass and basil.  The purple ruffled and lime basil are in an oval container that will be their permanent home.  The lemon grass is just to insure that there will be some for this year’s garden.  The plants from last year are covered, but our -2 degree temperature several night ago may have killed it, especially since it remained below freezing for three days and nights.


The Supervisor has just finished a catnip snack by the two, covered lemon grass roots.  (Looks like she needed a bib.)

So my Garden Planting Record has started for 2009.


It shouldn’t have so many entries this year since I’m only adding tomatoes and peppers to the indoor list, and maybe a squash or two.

Today I planted six Imperial Star Artichokes in the Bio-Dome.  The lemon grass is also in there.   There are nine more left-over plugs from last year.  Next year I may order a whole new set and start again.

I also bought some leeks seeds, butternut squash seeds, and more radish seeds.  The girl checking me out asked if they could be planted now.  She couldn’t understand why I was buying them so early.  Obviously she is not a gardner!

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