July 11th, 2009 at 8:07 pm
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First I planted too many vegetables too close in the garden.  Then the rains came and made the garden look like a jungle.  In the first square several butternut squash plants are surrounding the two artichoke plants.  Maybe they will grow globes in desperation.


This row of  Smeraldos below climbs on three levels of  fence, but the vines also started climbing the tepee.  They are dense with leaves and many beans, but I have to hunt when I pick.


The Smeraldos below are rather sparse, but have many beans that are easier to pick.  (The blueberry frames and netting in the background are now gone, as are the fresh blueberries.)  I’ve already enjoyed a meal of the tasty beans, and have attempted freezing some for this winter.

sparse-smeraldos-with-mia smeraldo1

I’m hoping the dill in front of the beans will reseed and have seed heads in time for dill pickles.

Actually dill is everywhere.  As I pull it I put it around the squash to keep away vine borers.


This square is not so crowded yet.  It has okra, lettuce, beets and a variety of onions from seeds.


The Supervisor had to rest after the long walk down to the garden.



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