December 3rd, 2009 at 3:15 pm
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Whole pumpkin with squash

Thanksgiving is over.  Now, what would be a different way to use the pumpkin and squash?

This idea appealed to me.  It sounds simple but elegant.

The Pumpkin Tureen

My pumpkin wasn’t quite eight inches in diameter, so I added the winter squashes to the recipe.

small squash ready

After cutting into the pumpkin,  I found a tiny brown spot on the outside that was evidence of rotting on the inside.  So that one had to be put in the compost.  The little squashes absorbed all the liquid, and really were not that tasty.  After checking with the local produce stand, I could find no other pumpkins to try.  Seems I will have to wait until next fall to give this recipe a try with a pumpkin.  However, it depends upon finding a “serious” pumpkin.  Does that mean I have to find Linus’s pumpkin patch?

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