April 4th, 2009 at 7:20 pm
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The last two garden squares now have new timbers.  It should be a long time before I have to do this project again, but there are timbers all around here that continually need replacing.  They usually aren’t as difficult as the garden squares that require six to nine timbers, each.  The most difficult part is removing the old ones, getting the nails out, and hauling them away.


The rhubarb and catnip are already growing with gusto.  In the front of the near square is a garlic I thought was totally gone.  The Supervisor is waiting for her pay, a dose of fresh catnip.

The last winter project, finished at the first of spring, was pruning the maple trees that were shading the garden in the summer.  ( Some might use the word “butchered” instead of “pruned.” ) Time will tell if they come back looking beautiful again.


Every project begets another.  This one leaves lots of brush to burn.

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