March 24th, 2008 at 10:04 am
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Finally, three spaces have replaced timbers! There’s one more to go, but that one doesn’t have to be done before it’s planted.


These three are rototilled, raked and ready for planting. The first space has rosemary that made it through the winter. The next has a few onions left from last year. The next to the last space has rhubarb coming up.


Rhubarb is usually the first plant I pick in the spring. It is so prolific that it can be shared with friends.

turnip-greens-3-22-08.JPG mustard-3-24-08.JPG

The turnip greens are still growing, and a few mustard greens.

All the Park’s seeds finally came up in the Bio-Dome. The Bush Delicata was so slow,

but did pop up just last week.


Next year I won’t plant the other squash until March. They are growing so fast.

Thanks to Raymond, Lissa, Kent and my son there is lots of wood stacked for this year and next winter. With the price of heating oil, this is a blessing!


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