July 18th, 2009 at 4:15 pm
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This year there are even more plants on the front deck, and two Topsy-Turvies hanging in the back.

deck-pink-german tt-brandy-boy-7-18

________Pink German_____and_______ Brandy Boy

tt-pinks-7-18 deck-health-kick-6-22

The Pink German has green tomatoes but the Brandy Boy only has blossoms.  The Health Kick above seemed to be doing well, but it just wilted  and died.  When I took it out of the Topsy Turvy the roots had not penetrated the soil.  Another gardening mystery!

tabasco-and-serrano-7-18 jalapeno-7-18

There are peppers galore.  The Serrano has outgrown the Tabasco, and has a barely discernible  blossom.  Meanwhile there are enough Jalapeno pepper to keep me well supplied.  I’ve even frozen some.


The Cucinos are full of little cucumbers, and the vines keep reaching for the sun.

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