April 30th, 2009 at 9:27 am
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The ramps are up again in greater numbers.  My friend from Georgia gave me lots of venison.  I combined the venison and ramps with other interesting ingredients to make a meatloaf.


This recipe doesn’t call for ramps, so onions will do if you can’t find ramps.         

Venison meatloaf recipe

Below are the ingredients I used.  Just like all meatloaf recipes, personal variations can add your own taste preferences. 


There was no veal to be found, so I used a pound of fresh ground pork.  I thought a cup of wine would make it soggy, but when I mixed it with the ground venison it absorbed completely.  I also wanted to put it with just the venison first to take away some of the gamey taste.  

This is my first free-form meatloaf, but it won’t be my last.  I liked the crusty outside and soft inside.  Next time I make this one I will make two smaller free-formed ones to add even more crust.

Ready to cook-


The meatloaf was a tasty and  hearty protein.  Venison is appealing because it’s hormone-free, and for me a gift!


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