August 9th, 2008 at 7:51 am
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This is the time of year when squash is abundant, sometimes overabundant! My uncle tells a story about a town where, if you don’t lock your car, when you return you will have zuchinni.

A previous posting had the recipe for squash patties that supposedly tasted like crab cakes. I wasn’t convinced of that, but they are still one of my favorites to make and freeze, as well as the casserole on this post. Squash Patties

My daughter-in-law, Rabia, told me about this tasty dish. It is vegetarian as well. Torta de Calabacitas.

Sometime I just layer the filling with cheese in a casserole and add green or red enchilada sauce. I also use a mixture of whatever squash I have. In this one I used yellow crookneck and Magda.

This is a good recipe to make ahead for company.

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