May 13th, 2008 at 5:49 pm
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The garden is now planted, except for things that may die and have to be replanted. I’ve especially had problems with cucumbers this year. Once transplanted they get new leaves, then thin out at the stem and die. Maybe it is something in the soil. Then we had powerful winds that broke the Cucino that was growing in a pot on the porch. Only one Pearl remains in the Topsy Turvy.

If anyone has tried to link to the Topsy Turvy site you will know that they sold their product. The company who bought it has changed it to something much bigger and costlier. So sorry I didn’t buy two more before that happened. Ebay might have some to bid on.

Below are some chives that have lovely lavender blooms. There were little brown butterflies all over them, but I only managed to get two in the picture. Hopefully the seed will spread and increase my chive population.

My horseradish that did so poorly was given to a friend. His flourished and he return some that now is doing well in my old burn pile. It takes over so I didn’t want it in the garden. Now I can share more.

The garden looks like big plastic squares. As the plants grow it will improve. I gave up on newspaper because there is so much color on many pages now. Also, it’s harder to keep from blowing away, and messier to clean up.

From this end you can see the asparagus that was too small to pick growing into ferny stalks. So far I’ve had one meal from the patch.

And the spring radishes are delicious. Pretty soon they will get too hot to eat. The garden is producing rhubarb, oregano, rosemary, parsley, cilantro, radishes, asparagus, and some small lettuces are ready to pick.

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