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I spent a delightful three months in Florida this winter.  Above is the lovely view that was out my front door.  The lake across the street was a habitat for many shore birds that kept me watching .  The most entertaining animals were the three otters that visited several times.  The best part was the people, neighbors and dogs who would walk by and visit.  Another special benefit was growing a garden from November to January. 

  I started with the top of a pineapple.  Out of three this one took root.


I added the rosemary and basil to many dishes.  How tasty to have them in the winter. 

This was the largest tomato. I ended up picking it green when I left.  It ripened and was delicious.  The lady who bought the villa said there were still tomatoes on the plant.


.The most prolific were the green pepper plants.  Mostly I just ate them when they were ready.  The one above I added to a coleslaw mix. 


The Supervisor loved the warm weather.  She is guarding the green peppers in the front as she watches for lizards.  Sadly, many lost their tails.

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