September 25th, 2008 at 10:14 am
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It was around the first of May when “The Ugly” was cut.  (The “Ugly” is Gone!)  After many sawing sessions the wood was finally cut.  My friend Mike helped with the big logs stacked in front because my chainsaw blade is only 12 inches long.  It took until the middle of August to get it all cut and stacked.

Then it had to rain before it would be safe to burn.  The morning after a rainy evening I started burning.  There was also brush from other places, especially all the pine trees my son topped or cut so more sun would reach my garden.

This was the second time I burned some of the Ugly’s brush.  The first time it rained during the night so the bigger pine logs didn’t finish burning.  This time it started raining just as I took this picture.  The fire was so hot that it kept burning for an hour after the rain began.  Then the rain became heavy, and completely put out the fire, again leaving the larger pine logs.  All who received rain were very thankful for it.  I can always start the fire up again and finish completely.  There will always be more brush to burn.

The brush is cleared with only some pine logs waiting for the next fire.  This view is also improved over the same one below.

It’s a great relief to have this job finished.  I’m also happy to have more wood to burn this winter since fuel oil is so high.

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