November 8th, 2008 at 4:18 pm
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It’s November and I still have to pause each time I look out the window.  Some trees have completely lost their leaves, but others are now at their peak of beauty.

The Japanese Maple waits until the end to show off.   The person who gave it to me had lots of offspring, but mine has yet to have one.

It’s the bright red in this view.  The morning sun was just lighting the mountains, but our section was still shaded.

When the sun did shine on these trees it seemed to light them on fire.

As the colors fade they take on a new beauty.  Looking into the woods you can see the whole range of color.

The dogwoods are beautiful from spring to the end of fall.  Then the birds enjoy their berries and you can see the promise of blossoms left behind.

Across the street the burning bush contrasts with the colors around it.

Someone needs to hide my camera until the leaves turn brown!

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