January 27th, 2008 at 4:42 pm
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There is so much beauty when it snows. Instead of the views, I wanted to

find patterns. In the blue spruce above  snow outlines the

intricate needles, enhancing their beauty.


The melting snow on the window contrasts the reflected blue sky view.


Just like the man in How the West Was Won, I grow rocks everywhere. It’s hard

to stick a shovel in the ground without it scraping on a rock. This is one of my

favorite snow-capped boulders.

rhodos.JPG red-bud.JPG

Nature supplies an infinite number of interesting patterns.

wood.JPG pine-cones.JPG


window-snow-drift-1-4-08.JPG back-van-window.JPG

Snow can make mundane man-made objects, like the car windows above

and the deck board below, something of beauty. The rock wall is already

appealing, but snow and lichens add to it’s rustic look.

angled-pattern.JPG rock-wall.JPG

Tracks of all kinds can be identified in the snow. Sometimes they even tell of drama.

criss-crossed-treads.JPG straight-tread.JPG

tracks-under-feeder.JPG step-tracks.JPG mouse-tracks.JPG

A digital camera is a liberating device. It allows experimentation, but also excesses.

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  1. Great website – thank you for sharing the excellent information and photos.

    Comment by Arch — February 27, 2008 @ 4:41 pm

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