May 8th, 2010 at 11:15 am
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I thought a turkey hen had a nest up on the bank in back, but wasn’t sure until this morning.

I had been pressure washing, and put the wire fencing off the deck.  When I paint, it helps keep Mia off so she doesn’t get her paws sticky.  The turkey hen can easily get over it, or go around the other way to get out.  But she’s stayed there all day.  When I went to take a picture the poults ran under her protective body.  The one below was the poky one who took refuge last.

At first I thought there were only four poults.  Later she got up to walk around there were many more.

Many, many more.  It looks like she has at least eleven poults.

Don’t know why they all came down the bank.  It’s been an exciting day.  Look for updates!

To see a video of the poults with mom click here.

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