May 31st, 2017 at 1:39 pm
Posted By: gardenguru
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My son and his wife took me to Missouri Wildlife Nursery.  It was beautiful place wit so many unusual varieties.  My favorite was the Copper Iris.  After returning home I ordered seven plants.  They like a boggy location, and there was a place like that by this big rock.  To be cautious I covered them with netting after planting.


Before netting

April, 2016


At the end of summer I decided to remove the netting and the deer didn’t bother them until the end of winter.  Because it warmed up in February some of them started coming up.  It was so early I wasn’t paying attention, but the deer were.  After that one was missing.  Usually deer don’t eat the iris. These tender shoot must have been delicious.

deer eaten

Sadly they ate them almost down to the roots.  Back went the netting!

Did not think there would be many blooms.  I was wrong.

towards rock


Four of them had blooms, and they  keep sending up new flower stalks.


They may be a native Missouri wildflower, but they are adapting well to Virginia.